Donavan Tattoo - Hand of glass/ice gripping red/gold human heart
Donavan Tattoo - Twin Heads
Donavan Tattoo - Full back tattoo with ship water and lots of color
Donavan Tattoo - Beetlejuice
Donavan Tattoo - Flamingo in a lawn chair drinking a Coors original from a can
Donavan Tattoo - Cheeseburger tattoo with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion on a sesame seed bun.
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Kristina, Tattoo artist at the Golden Owl


Kristina Time - Flower arm color tattoo
Kristina Tattoo - Girl with intricate riding helmet and long hair
Kristina Tattoo - "Army of Kindness" human hand and dog paw shaking in front of a sun.
Kristina Tattoo - Full length forearm flower; simple black and white (maybe mustard?)
Kristina Tattoo - Fishing boat on sea. Chest tattoo using dot tattoo technique.
Kristina Tattoo - Thigh tattoo of a lionfish with greens and purples
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3 Alchemy Symbols

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